“COS we love SING” Song Contest Commence!

The champion can fly to L.A. and perform at iHeart Theater. Users who use the Golden Vote will be able to share 100,000 COS prize pool!

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Together with our strategic partner SOMESING, a karaoke app that utilizes blockchain technology, COS.TV is going to produce a song contest “COS we love SING” in Korea and Vietnam.

Starting from Oct 10, 2019, contesting videos will be recorded on SOMESING App. Vote for your favorite music videos using SSX.

During the rematch, starting from Oct 18, 2019, contesting videos will be uploaded onto COS.TV. Vote for your favorite music videos using our unique voting system.

  • POP: Get it free from COS.TV engagement, watch and earn!
  • Golden Vote (GV): To be purchased using COS, where 1 COS = 1 GV = 1000 POP
  • Voters using GV will share a prize pool of 100K COS at the end of the campaign

Preliminaries will be held until Oct 24, 2019 and Finals will be held at a later date (TBD).

All payouts will be released by the 2nd week after the Finals.

For further information, please refer to the following websites

🇰🇷 Korean Version : http://bit.ly/2p4CIPy

🇻🇳 Vietnamese Version : http://bit.ly/2OzS9u9

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