COS Bounty Program — Promote Contentos On Your YouTube Account

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The bounty is over. Get COS from our latest bounty program:

We believe in the value of content creation! Create a video and find a fun way to educate your fans about Contentos and our DApps. Think of yourself as an ambassador for Contentos; this is a groundbreaking initiative, be the first to start the conversation amongst your friends.



Upload your amazing video about Contentos to YouTube. You may introduce our project, share your review, provide a guide to help others earn COS through our DApps or campaigns, and … It’s your time to impress us!

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Here’s an example:

Just couple things to be noted.

  1. Your video should be 30 seconds or longer
  2. Please be original
  3. Please tell the truth. We’ll review if you provide information about Contentos correctly.
  4. Provide a link to our website ( and your UID at video description
  5. After verifying the submission, we’ll send you an email telling you whether you can get the bounty.
  6. The reward will be distributed in a week.
  7. Deadline:3/31/2019 21:00 (UTC+8)

After you submit your great work to us, we’ll grant your COS reward regarding how many views your video get.

  1. Below 50 views: 0 COS
  2. 50~100 views: 500 COS
  3. 101~250 views: 1000 COS
  4. 251~500 views: 2000 COS
  5. 501~1000 views: 3000 COS
  6. 1001~2000 views: 4000 COS
  7. 2001~3000 views: 5000 COS
  8. 3001~5000 views: 10000 COS
  9. 5001~10000 views: 15000 COS
  10. Above 10000 views: 20000 COS

When you get sufficient claps, claim your reward at

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Fill in your name, email, Contentos UID accordingly. You Contentos UID can be found in Settings of Contentos website.

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Click “Promote Contentos On Your YouTube Account”

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Finally, provide the URL of your video. We’ll soon verify your submission and grant your COS reward. ❤️



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  1. 影片長度至少30秒
  2. 影片必須為你的原創內容
  3. 請傳達正確資訊,提交後,我們會檢查是否正確傳達Contentos資訊
  4. 請在影片描述中加入Contentos的網站連結 (以及UID
  5. 審查完成後,我們會發送郵件告知您是否能獲得獎勵
  6. 獎勵將於一週內發放
  7. 活動截止日期:2019/3/31 21:00 (UTC+8)


  1. 不足 50 次: 0 COS
  2. 50~100 次: 500 COS
  3. 101~250 次: 1000 COS
  4. 251~500 次: 2000 COS
  5. 501~1000 次: 3000 COS
  6. 1001~2000 次: 4000 COS
  7. 2001~3000 次: 5000 COS
  8. 3001~5000 次: 10000 COS
  9. 5001~10000 次: 15000 COS
  10. Above 10000 次: 20000 COS


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依序填入你的名字、email、Contentos UID,Contentos UID在Contentos網站裡的Settings裡面。

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選擇 “Promote Contentos On Your YouTube Account”

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最後,貼上你的影片URL就完成了!我們很快就會審核並且發放你的COS獎勵囉! ❤️

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